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The People of Sand and Slag by Paolo Bacigalupi — humans are now self-regenerating beings, turning sand into food, cutting off their limbs for entertainment to watch them grow back. Like the circus, they are rigged. Two wanderers join the traveling VR gang, get into a town to put on a contest to see who can stay in the VR world the longest. Very well written.

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Martin — men from the moon return to Earth many hundred years after the surface was nuked, looking for survivors. Waiting for the Zephyr by Tobias S. Buckell — a very short vignette about a young girl leaving a small town in search of something more in a time when the only transportation there is no more oil is a sail Zephyr that only comes through every few years. When SysAdmins Ruled the World by Cory Doctorow — the end of the world from the point of view of the computer jocks; as an old IT guy well, not so old , the descriptions reminded me of the all nighters in the computer room doing upgrades with cases of beer under the raised floor to keep them cool.

The obsessive nature of sysadmins is excellently portrayed.

Great story where the apocalypse takes a backseat to the characters. Judgment Passed by Jerry Oltion — original to this volume. An excellent story with a new perspective on the apocalypse: a starship returns to Earth to find that Judgement Day has come and gone, taking all humans from Earth and Moon.

Wastelands - Stories of the Apocalypse

The starship team is left to figure out why they were left behind, and what they should do about it, if anything. Great premise and excellent follow through. Mute by Gene Wolfe — two children mysteriously arrive home, alone on a bus, to no parents and a TV stuck on mute. They are forced to mature quickly, cooking, cleaning, striking out to find any other people left alive.

Lots of questions left unanswered where did all the people go?

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Inertia by Nancy Kress — unique perspective from the Inside of a quarantined area after a virus hits…but the Inside community is calmer though poorer than the people unaffected, who continue bombing, fighting and killing. Butler shows us how communication can be a peaceful alternative to violence by using science fiction to show the opposite. Society has thus been slowly conditioned to withdraw from one another, resorting to fisticuffs to resolve issues, and continues to devolve further. In this deteriorating setting, one woman meets a man whom she connects with.

  1. His Gifted Hands (Wild Hearts Book 2).
  3. The Dedalus Book of English Decadence: Vile Emperors and Elegant Degenerates (Dedalus Anthologies).
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The Hugo and Nebula awards that it won are well-deserved. Most of the men have been gone for fourteen years, including the brother of our female narrator. The war is thought to be over, but that could just be the result of misplaced hope. What is known is that soldiers from both sides live nearby. When our narrator notices one in her town, she takes him in, cleans him up and nurses him back to health — despite the knowledge that he is the foreign terrorist who has recently been killing the townspeople.

The idea here is that the woman is so lonely that she looks past all this; even to the point where she replaces the fading hope that her missing brother is still alive with some imagined, happy future existence with this terrorist whose true identity she plans to keep hidden from the rest of the town. You might not think that a vast wasteland could be a successful backdrop for comedy, but Neal Barrett, Jr.

They travel the desolate lands selling their wares sex, tacos, and dangerous drugs to small groups of survivors in exchange for gasoline and other hard-to-find items.

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  • Have Ginny and Co. Suffice it to say that this was a fun read that shows that not all post-apocalyptic settings need be dire. The fiction part follows the last man on Earth, a sudden widower named Wyndham. Wyndham wakes to find everyone else in the world dead, but instead of the positive message of hope that frequently pervades post-apocalyptic stories as the slightly jarring meta-fiction interludes tell us , Wydham eventually embraces hopelessness, emphasizing the fact that personal loss is just as devastating as a global one.

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    Well done. When a postponed awards show returned to a newsed-out audience, some comment was made about how arts and culture serves a need in society, if only for a release from the harsh realities of life. He lives one day at a time, scavenging and trading for sustenance and tools.

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    He is finally able to breach the exterior of a concert hall, only to suffer a tragic realization at the hands of those who give survival a much higher priority than art. This is true; proactive Wayne assumes the comic book hero role and deals directly with the situation, devising clever traps for the beasts chasing close behind. The passages are extremely long, run-on, stream-of-consciousness sentences, except where the main story outline boldly announces itself, snapping the reader back to the present.

    This interesting choice of narrative style, while I concede did lend some feeling of urgency, took away from the overall reading experience a bit, keeping this story from greatness, though not dropping it below the level of very good. Ah, come on.

    It simply makes no sense to me. I understand that the boy is adventurous, while the girl is insightful.

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    But who is the bus driver? What is the place they remember? What is the point of the father-ghost? Who cares that the father decorated the house? Why are all the TVs on Mute? And what the hell does that have to do with the story? Add to Basket. Book Description Titan Books.

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    Condition: New. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Penguin Random House. Brand New. Book Description Titan Books, Mass Market Paperback. Brand New!. Language: English. Brand new Book. Prescient tales of Armageddon and its aftermath, by twenty-two of today's finest writers, including: Paolo BacigalupiNeal Barrett, Jr. Seller Inventory AAS Paperback or Softback.

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