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All that was required from any cook was to peel back the ring pull tin lid and bake the pie in the oven. Guests often spent the evening working out how to get the slippery strands into their mouths while trying to avoid tomato sauce going all down their best dress! Get the recipe: Spaghetti bolognese. Fun fact, condensed milk was invented in by an American entrepreneur named Gail Borden. And what, you might be thinking, did they make it with? Why, banoffee pie of course!

This sweet and sticky mass of bananas and toffee was said to have been invented by The Hungry Monk Restaurant in Jevington, East Sussex in and was such a hit the owners never took it off their menu! Get the recipe: Banoffee pie. Chilli con carne might seem a little mundane these days but in it first came onto the scene and made a big impact with Brits who were more used to spuds than spice.

This classic combination of minced beef and kidney beans has been a treasured recipe ever since.

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Get the recipe: Chilli con carne. This powdered mash potato mixture had its first big success thanks to its choice of advertising mascot, the Smash Martians, who helped shift packets of the stuff by the thousands. Get the recipe: Lemon meringue pie. Holiday makers brought the recipe home to good old blighty and once we had a taste for things dipped in hot cheese the idea spread like wild fire. This little number was a real dinner party show stopper at the time. Get the recipe: Fondue. Made with egg, cheese and bacon it was always going to be a winner!

Get the recipe: Quiche Lorraine. Ah, the stuffed pepper. A wonderfully exotic mix of either rice and herbs or beef mince and veg, all encompassed in a sweet pepper shell. This hollowed out delight found favour in when people were starting to look for more vegetarian recipes. Get the recipe: Stuffed peppers. Only a truly delicious dessert stands the test of time, with many falling by the way side as our tastes and preferences change.

Profiteroles are one of those truly delicious desserts. Little puffs of light choux pastry, filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce captivated the hearts of our nation back in and have been held dear to all dessert lovers since. Get the recipe: Profiteroles. Viennetta was introduced in the early s and was stocked piled in freezers all over Britain from then on in. The layers of chocolate that shattered in your moth hidden between layers of sweet bright white ice cream was a family teatime favourite for children of the s.

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A British classic, the trifle had already been around for a while by the s, but with the ever more exotic tinned fruit available in this custard and cream topped dessert was at the height of its popularity. Get the recipe: Trifle.

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Freezer food at its finest, the chicken kiev became a main player for speedy suppers around The devices we tested used a variety of motors with various levels of power, however we found that the strength, shape and size of the blades was almost as important to the final result, as was the speed of rotation. Ease of use and functionality were also key factors — no one wants to spend hours referring to an instruction manual in order to make a simple soup.

Finally, though all blenders do tend to be rather noisy, those that were on the quieter side were judged favourably. You can trust our independent reviews.

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We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent. A well-loved blender with an impressively powerful W motor, it comes with a huge 2. We were also big fans of the suction pad feet, which stopped the blender from dancing around the worktop.

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Buy now. The auto clean setting — pour water into the jug, and the blender pulses to clean every crevice — meant an end to the usual cleaning hassle. The chunky glass jug makes this blender feel far more expensive than its bargain price, and our testers found it worked well for basic tasks too, making quick work of frozen fruit for smoothies, and coming with a small grinder attachment that was useful for coffee beans or spices.

Alongside its power, the Vitamix was superfast, too, making steaming-hot soup in 10 minutes in the jug, no hob needed and turning frozen fruit into sorbets in a few seconds. Although not the most powerful of those tested, its W motor was very efficient at blitzing vegetables into a smooth puree in just a minute or two. We liked how simple it was to use, avoiding the use of multiple complicated buttons in favour of one simple knob with four settings, plus pulse and ice functions, which allow for any variety of consistencies.

Our only complaint was that, although the plastic 1. Specifically designed for blending drinks, it comes with two travel cups and one pulse setting, which is extremely powerful. Within one minute we found that even stringy or unpeeled fruit and veg were blended to silky smooth. A great blender for the price, this heavy-duty W machine has two power settings and an ice-crushing function. Though not as powerful as some of the more expensive blenders, it did a great job of blending vegetables to a smooth consistency, it just needed a minute or two longer.

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One of our favourite features is its additional grinder attachment, which is great for coffee beans, nuts, spices and seeds. The ever-popular NutriBullet is always a solid choice for those who are predominantly looking to blend fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds into smoothies.

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Although it only uses a W motor with one strong setting, its blades rotate at an impressive 20, rpm in a cyclonic motion to speedily break down stems, skins and seeds at great speed. The entire device disassembles for easy cleaning in a dishwasher, which our testers really liked, along with its small, neat design. An incredibly effective product and one of the most easy to use, store and clean. A favourite in professional kitchens, this is a commercial-quality blender with a solid eight year warranty.

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Designed to blend practically anything, it claims to have the capability to replace many standard kitchen appliances too, including juicers, bread makers, mixers, coffee grinders and more. Choose from six colours. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage.

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