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If you have a balcony, rooftop or small yard, the trees grow fine in pots. Just remember to move them indoors during the coldest times of the year.

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Seeds can be purchased from a number of online stores and they're quite inexpensive. Next time you're looking for a banana fix, don't be afraid to sing the blues.

Photo Gallery. Autumn scenes of Lhasa River valley, China's Tibet. China sees m domestic tourist trips during National Day. Aerial view of salt lake in Yuncheng, Shanxi. Singer-actor Kris Wu poses for magazine cover. Actress Li Chun releases new photos. Supermodel Liu Wen releases new photos. Editor's Picks. China fashions its own future on international runways. The Japanese beauty that influenced Vincent.

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Highly anticipated film hails heroic pilot. A Journey through Yantai: Unraveling the secrets of China's wine city. Special Coverage. World Heritage sites in China. Dragon Boat Festival. Exhibition shows 'Beautiful Shandong' in Sydney. I had no idea what the record would sell for.

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The owner bought it at an estate sale for a few dollars. While my person collection is around 5, records. I was a kid in Jr.

High School back then. Vinyl album sales in the U. The young people buying records like the concept of a visual thing with the listening pleasure. Young people are enjoying the option of holding a 33 rpm record or 45 rpm record.

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There are some companies that are even reproducing 78 rpm records. Artist Robert Crumb is a famous 78 rpm collector. Any other famous folks who collect 78s? Robert Crumb was a big 78 collector and still has a very diverse collection which includes jazz, jug bands, popular acts, ethnic music, blues, etc. My collection has a focus on blues, rare blues.

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Crumb is currently really not buying anything these days. There is different advice for folks collecting specific types of records.

Stay within your ability to buy them. Then, there are turntables that cost thousands of dollars.

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I often come across 78 rpms in thrift stores and garage sales. Is that a good way to get into collecting 78s? That approach to collecting takes a lot of time, patience and dealing with frustrations. Go with them and stick with them. It sounds awful. Tefteller suggests checking out the good-sounding reissues on CD sold on BluesImages. When it comes right down to it, poker is a winnable game no matter where you play it — as long as you play the odds.

There are time-honored strategies for playing those odds, tested by […]. Good designers know that a picture can be worth more than 1, words. It can also be worth a fair paycheck if you find the right image.

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