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Another of his fine films, Monster a-Go Go , became Show Hi, little buddy! Phyllis George.

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Phyllis George was crowned Miss America in Since then she has been a morning-show host, a sportscaster, an author, an actress, and first lady of Kentucky. An imitation of Granny Clampett on the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies , which aired from ; the part was played by Irene Ryan Promise Keepers. The group held rallies across the United States throughout the s, at its peak attracting more than 1 million attendees a year.

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Casual day at Hazelden. Hazelden is a chain of alcohol and drug treatment centers. Its largest facility is located fifty miles north of Minneapolis. Thanks to Brandon Gonzales for this reference. Yoo-hoo is a chocolate-flavored drink popular among the kiddie set.

They saved a lot buying the old Gein place. Ed Gein was a notorious Wisconsin serial killer.

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They searched the house and found belts, lampshades, bowls, and other items fashioned from body parts. Gein was committed to a psychiatric hospital and remained there until he died. In Psycho see previous note , Norman Bates keeps the taxidermied body of his deceased mother lying about the house.

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The Professor made a toaster out of coconuts? Dennis Rodman, he of the multiply-colored hairdo and assortment of tattoos, of the feather boas and wild parties, was a tremendously talented pro basketball player. Unfortunately, his career imploded after multiple suspensions and other erratic behavior, and the LA Lakers dropped him in Since then he has attempted a pro wrestling career and fought an ongoing battle with his neighbors in the upscale SoCal city of Newport Beach over his frequent loud parties. I need one room in Las Vegas and a lot of liquor, please. The first call was placed on February 16, , in Haleyville, Alabama.

It was officially designated as the nationwide emergency phone number in A pony keg should tide me over. A pony keg is a half-keg of beer, which holds 7. I saved you half a can of Pringles. Unlike other chips, which involve slices of actual potatoes and come in bags, Pringles are machine-made: compressed potato residue and wheat starch chips sold neatly stacked in cylindrical cardboard tubes. The Joe Don Baker Museum. Crank up the Molly Hatchet and go to town!

I like you, Dottie. Can I just get my Tupperware? Pull up, Laika, pull up! At the time, there was no way to bring a space capsule back down to Earth safely, so Laika died in space roughly a week after the launch.

Aah, Brett Favre at home. Brett Favre has been the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers since Hi, Hud.

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Hud is a film starring Paul Newman as hard-drinking, hard-fighting, womanizing rancher Hud Bannon. Chevrolet has used the song for more than a decade to market its cars and trucks. With music by Pink Floyd. Laserium is the name for the laser light shows produced by a California company called Laser Images Inc. The SS-1 Scud missile is a ballistic missile that was fielded by the Soviet Union from the s through the s. Albert Camus! He was killed in an automobile accident at the age of Moses, move the bike! The Impala is a model of car produced by Chevrolet.

It has been in production since Steve Prefontaine! Steve Prefontaine was a middle-long distance runner who won nearly every race he competed in; in the racing world, he is still considered the benchmark against which other runners are measured. He died in a car accident at the age of Bigfoot, a. What is generally considered the best evidence for its existence—a blurry film taken in —has been debunked as a hoax, but the debate rages on.

Of course, we are dumb cheeseheads. A cheesehead is a native of Wisconsin, a state known for its dairy products. Fans of the Green Bay Packers football team wear foam hats shaped like wedges of cheese. Sabrina was a movie that starred Audrey Hepburn as the daughter of a chauffeur who becomes romantically involved with two wealthy brothers. It was actually remade in with Julia Ormond.

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Packers fans: the horrible truth. America Online tries to keep up. In December , online service America Online switched from a charge-by-the-minute payment plan to an unlimited-access, flat-fee plan. Subscriptions jumped 40 percent in the first month, and the amount of time customers spent online doubled. AOL, which had vastly underestimated the demand, was caught off guard, and subscribers began experiencing horrendous difficulties getting online as the increased demand caused massive traffic jams.

In , President Ronald Reagan proposed his Strategic Defense Initiative, a space-based system designed to intercept and destroy incoming enemy missiles. It was quickly dubbed Star Wars by the media. George W. As of , the system was failing intercept tests about half the time. Jeff Foxworthy is an American standup comedian who built a fine career, complete with extensive merchandising—calendars, coffee mugs, etc. The Amish are a conservative Christian sect found predominantly in North America; there is a large population of Amish in Pennsylvania.

They are known for their plain, old-fashioned manner of dress—eschewing buttons, jewelry, and other adornments—and their rejection of much modern technology, including electricity and cars. Not a joke, but an incredible simulation! The origin of this phrase appears to be from Beatlemania , a stage show that features four cast members impersonating the Beatles and playing their most famous songs.

Film extra noir. Film noir is a genre of movies that evolved during the s. Young Bill and Hillary struggle to make it. Clinton grew up in a small town in extreme poverty, but went on to study at Oxford and Yale law school; his wife also received a law degree from Yale.

An imitation of Mr. Magoo, the elderly, near-sighted star of a series of short cartoons that first appeared in This must be like a homecoming for you, eh, Mike? Mike Nelson grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin. Our proud Viking heritage. There are a great many descendants of Norwegian immigrants in the upper Midwest, particularly in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Norwegian immigration into Wisconsin began in the s; by the end of the 19th century, there were more than 30, in the state.

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Silverfish are small, flattish insects covered in silver scales. They like to eat substances containing a high quantity of starch, such as wallpaper and books.