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We are powerful beings, it's just that this three-dimensional perspective has many of us trapped and unable to see beyond. Thank you Bruce for such a lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the hub so much and are sharing it : I look forward to reading more of your hubs as well. Thanks, Christin. I don't know where to start. I suppose the best place is with the quality of your hub. In its content and context, in my opinion, it is flawless. I enjoyed the writing style as well. It was easy to read and I am grateful for its simplicity. Some will agree, some will not. Some will have one set of experiences, others a different set.

The power in this hub, in my humble opinion, is in the first law. There is simply to much indisputable evidence. Even then, an argument to the contrary will be made. It is as much a part of our humanity as the power of choice. The one human characteristic displayed in every individual on the face of this planet We are connected even though we choose to separate ourselves from each other and thus from the source of all being.

They simply are! There is a question the 12 laws present relative to our place in humanity and our desire to be as one. It is like that of a partner in marriage; "Do I want to be right, or married? I am reading a hubpage article for the first time today. I really liked this article. I read most of the comments and I have to say that I am very impressed with your ability to stay above the negative comments. Those actions truly show what kind of person you really are. It is those kinds of actions that truly resonate with people.

You "practice" what you preach. Continued success with your writing. You have a new follower.


Thanks again everyone for the lovely comments. I am happy this hub has been enjoyed :. Just wanted to say Christin what a lovely response you gave to Donnie. The amount of religious intolerance displayed on hub pages astounds me! Well to be honest the amount of intolerance to everything considered different or not the 'norm' is amazing. But I guess Hub pages is merely a reflection of society in general!

Why do people feel the need to push their opinions down other peoples throats? Live and let live. Life is an individual journey within our own version of reality.

If it works for you brilliant but I don't see the point in trying to cajole or force someone to accept a different reality. There are lots of 'bullies' here on hub pages. TK I understand your struggles living in the heart of an area that is not always hospitable to different ideas. Went and checked out your blog. Just makes we more homesick for my spiritual family. Our views are so alike. Hopefully I can find more of our brothers and sisters in my region so I can get this level of interaction more often.

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I find your article to be uplifting and inspiring and I voted it up the same. It was very clearly written. You have a good grasp of the universal laws. And I much appreciated how delightfully you responded to the dogma in the comments.

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Very well done. Hi TK - yes it was just a clip from it someone posted on youtube - but it was the part that showed in detail the power of ten which I just found really beautiful and amazing to think about.

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I get it on the frustration : - totally. I know I shouldn't let certain things pull me in and yes it always does end up in a never-ending cycle. I have certain family members that are much the same way. I don't always do it very well admittedly but I'm working on it :. Thanks for posting the video Christin.

It ended a bit abruptly at the mark so I don't know if all of it loaded. I can imagine from what I saw how impressive it must've been in the Omnimax. Morgan Freeman does some wonderful educational videos.

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If you haven't seen any of his "Through the Wormhole," series I highly recommend it. I understand your frustration, I suggest takeing a nice deep breath and letting it go.

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The last thing you need is to allow yourself to get dragged into a battle that can only be a repeating circle with no point of resolve. I respect your right to believe what you please - I didn't go seeking out your hubs to tell you why what I believe is right - you chose to do that.

I am not offended - I will be truthful and say I find it annoying that people who are religious feel the need to start debates. I understand you do so from a place of love and that you have good intentions. I don't fault you for that. What I have a hard time swallowing is the whole "respect" you claim to have for the beliefs stated here in one breath and then in the very next breath you once again state that your perception of the truth is the only right one ; that I find a little irritating, but again I understand your intentions are noble and although I find your beliefs misguided and you find mine the same way I don't believe I have to be right at your expense - I believe that in a vast universe that we cannot comprehend - there can be more than one reality and that duality and separation are nothing but an illusion in the end.

I stated what I believe nothing more nothing less. And the time is coming when it shall never be again. Even though there are many ways here to achieve different outcomes of sameness.

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This is not so with GOD and can not be so. To, about His source either you believe or you do not. Sorry you took offense to my comment.