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Membership Courses Tutorials Guides. First Impressions When I first received Beautiful Visualization in the mail and opened up the package, it was smaller than I expected. The Authors There are 20 chapters, or essays rather, by 24 authors. Robert Kosara explains the process of parallel sets. Moritz Stefaner explored submissions to the prix ars electronica over several decades. Maximilian Schich uses data matrices to uncover patterns in heterogenous data. Nathan Yau — March 9, at pm. Jurgen Altziebler — March 26, at pm. Good buy. Guido Schetters — April 11, at am. Thanks for the review, just ordered!

Lima provides an authoritative history of the circle as well as a unique taxonomy of twenty-one varieties of circle diagrams, rounding out this visual feast for infographics enthusiasts. Research shows that visual information is more quickly and easily understood, and much more likely to be remembered.

This innovative book presents the design process and the best software tools for creating infographics that communicate. Page shows us the mathematical, statistical, and computational models—from linear regression to random walks and far beyond—that can turn anyone into a genius.

The Model Thinker provides a toolkit for business people, students, scientists, pollsters, and bloggers to make them better, clearer thinkers, able to leverage data and information to their advantage.

These details illuminate the lives of two remarkable young women and also inspire us to map our own lives, including specific suggestions on what data to draw and how. A captivating and unique book for designers, artists, correspondents, friends, and lovers everywhere. A guided journal with a fresh approach to the trend of journal-as-tool-for-self-examination.

Blending inspiring examples with engaging instruction, this journal asks: What do we learn about ourselves when we measure our gratitude, confidence, and distraction levels? What do our collections say about who we are: our books, music, the clothes we wear? Observe, Collect, Draw! Painting with Numbers is brimming with hands-on advice, techniques, tools, rules, and guidelines for producing clear, attractive, and effective quantation the word the author has coined for the skill of presenting numbers.

Whether you are distributing a report or giving a presentation, you have a lot of numbers to present and only a few minutes to get your point across. Your audience is busy and has a short attention span. Instead, learn how to present numerical information effectively—in the same way you learned how to speak or write. We are living in the Information Age, in which we are constantly bombarded with data — on television, in print and online. How can we relate to this mind-numbing overload? Enter David McCandless and his amazing infographics: simple, elegant ways to understand information too complex or abstract to grasp any way but visually.

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In his unique signature style, he creates dazzling displays that blend facts with their connections, contexts and relationships, making information meaningful, entertaining — and beautiful. Taking infographics to the next level, his new book Knowledge is Beautiful is an endlessly fascinating spin through the world of visualized data, which offers a deeper, more wide-ranging look at the world and its history. Covering everything from dog breeds and movie plots to the origins of life and a timeline of the far future, this stunning book is guaranteed to enrich your understanding of the world.

Beautiful visualization: [looking at data through the eyes of experts]

From today you can get a new version of Facts are Sacred, developed specially for iPad. It has all the visualizations and text from the hardback version but with lots more. This is a book you can interact with. Engage with interactive elements that show you what the world was like when you were born, or how rumours explode and are denounced on Twitter. Get the inside view on how journalists dealt with the enormous amounts of data contained in the WikiLeaks information.

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The colorful charts, graphs, and maps presented at the Paris Exposition by famed sociologist and black rights activist W. In Visualizing Financial Data, authors Julie Rodriguez and Piotr Kaczmarek draw upon their understanding of information design and visual communication to show you how to turn your raw data into meaningful information. Coverage includes current conventions paired with innovative visualizations that cater to the unique requirements across financial domains, including investment management, financial accounting, regulatory reporting, sales, and marketing communications. Presented as a series of case studies, this highly visual guide presents problems and solutions in the context of real-world scenarios.

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PhotoViz explores the intersection of photography, infographics, and data visualization. Combining cutting-edge technology and classic photographic techniques enables us to tell stories and visualize information more powerfully and compactly than ever: a full day of flights all at once, invisible Wi-Fi networks, global trade, intimate psychology, movement, time itself, and more.

The concept of PhotoViz invites us to simultaneously reinvent our collective reality and demystify our surroundings. Within this mesmerizing photographic world, striking images reveal the power of tools ranging from long exposure and slit-scan photography to post-processing, collage, and metadata. PhotoViz is a source of inspiration and a crucial resource for designers and photographers alike. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on twitter rajvivan or LinkedIn rajvivan.

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Thank you for subscribing. In these cases, the goal is typically to validate a hypothesis, answer a specific question, or identify any trends, behaviors, or relationships of note. In contexts where the shape of the answer is unknown, designing several different visualizations may be useful. The periodic table is an interesting hybrid of these purposes, in that it was used to visualize both known and unknown information.

The structure of the table was defined by the properties of the elements known at the time, so in that way it was a reference to existing knowledge, as it is used today.

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However, this structure resulted in gaps in the table, which were then used to predict the existence and behavior of undiscovered elements. In this latter mode, the table was a tool of research and discovery. CenterCentre—UIE values your privacy. We will never sell your email address. UIE Articles. Do not fill:. First Name Optional. Let us inspire you to do something differently in your design work.

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